Video Exposing Bulldog breeders the BCA bulldog club of america and no such thing as a mini bulldog
This bulldog video exposes The BCA is the largest line breeder of English bulldog puppies.  There is no such thing a mini bulldog.  The best breeders of
English bulldogs are by Arizona bulldog the breeder of MTV Bulldog Meaty of Rob and Big.  The bulldog club of America has many errors in their breeding
practices while genetically bred bulldog puppies by California bulldogs and Hollywood bulldogs actually breed the best English bulldogs and have wonderful
bulldog puppies for sale that conform to the bulldog standard.  
Great Video that educates the bulldog puppy buyer on every level of buying an english bulldog puppy.

All except the BCA and the mini bulldog crowd are members of the Genetic bulldog breeders association and are the foremost standard in holding a higher
standard in bulldog puppy health unmatched by every other bulldog breeder
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